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We at SmileVeldental clinic strongly believe that oral health plays an important role in the maintenance of overall health. With over 20 years of experience in the field of dental care, our aim is to provide comprehensive oral care and thereby help to increase your confidence and improve your health. With our vast experience and outstanding skill in the field of dentistry, we assure you the most reliable diagnosis, customized treatment planning and best-in-class dental treatment.

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SmileVel dental clinic offers all routine and advanced dental treatments like full mouth rehabilitation, smile designing, and laser surgeries in addition to fillings, implants, root canal treatments, crown and bridges, teeth whitening, complete dentures, braces, aligners, to all our valued clients.

General Check-up and Radiographs

General check-ups are important for early detection of dental problems

Teeth scaling and polishing

Teeth scaling is generally required to clear the sticky films (called plaque) and hardened deposits

Comprehensive Gum treatments

Gum diseases at an advanced stage need comprehensive management

Cavity fillings

Tooth cavities are a result of bacterial activity within the mouth which results in tooth damage.

Root Canal treatments

Cavities when left untreated can advance deeper and affect the tooth pulp (tooth nerve)

Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth or the last molar teeth often fail to erupt out of the gums completely
What we do

What You Can Do with Smile Vel Dental Clinic

Transform smiles with advanced dental care at Smile Vel Dental Clinic. Expertise, compassion, and state-of-the-art treatments for lasting results.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhance your smile with Smile Vel Dental Clinic's expert Cosmetic Dentistry services. Radiate confidence beautifully!

Teeth Whitening

Revitalize your smile at Smile Vel. Our advanced teeth whitening services for a brighter, confident you!

Dental Implants

 Lasting smiles at Smile Vel Dental Clinic with advanced dental implants for confident, natural-looking teeth restoration.

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