Cosmetic Dental treatments

A beautiful smile is not only appealing to the eyes, but it also boosts a sense of confidence in a person. Enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry here at SmileVel dental clinic Nizampet. We use innovative techniques to restore back your smiles lost due to tooth chipping, abnormal wear, irregular teeth position or abnormal teeth shapes and color. We do a complete makeover of individual teeth, groups of teeth or the entire front upper and lower teeth to create a smile booming with confidence. Teeth that are non-restorable with cosmetic fillings are covered with ceramic based partial caps (tooth veneer) or crowns, depending on the extent of damage/repair.

Veneers and Laminates: Any imperfections on front surfaces of your teeth like cracks, unevenness, gaps, chipped off surfaces or tooth edges, spots or stains can be corrected by fitting thin, shell-like veneers. Unlike the teeth crowns, veneers require minimal tooth enamel shaping and are meant for cosmetic purpose only.

 Fancy placing precious gems on the tooth, we can help you with that too!