Children’s Dental Care

The best age to start teeth brushing in children is when the teeth appear in their mouth! As children begin teething at around six months, care should be taken by regular brushing and dental visits. Inculcating good oral hygiene habits at a younger age brings down tooth-related risks later in life. Like adult teeth, the primary teeth also undergo painful tooth decay, plaque buildup and gum diseases, and are subject to injuries like tooth fracture, sometimes requiring root canal treatment or extractions. Throughout the transition from milk teeth to permanent teeth, the needs of your little ones are taken care well at SmileVel dental clinic by our experienced Pedodontists, who specialize in child teeth care. General examinations, x-rays, treatment planning and procedures like fillings, root canal treatments and crowns, teeth scaling, tooth removal and orthodontic treatment for children are carried out here at SmileVel dental clinic Nizampet, while ensuring your child’s comfort.