Crown and bridges


Teeth which are broken, diseased and root canal treated can be strengthened by fixing caps or crowns over them. Crowns can also be placed on teeth for cosmetic reasons like a misaligned tooth, discoloured tooth, or an undersized or oversized natural tooth. Here at SmileVel dental clinic, Nizampet cross roads, your natural teeth are shaped and prepared to receive crowns made from different types of materials like PFM, DMLS and Zirconia to give a perfect fit and natural appearance.

Missing teeth can also be replaced with the support of teeth on either side. Such replacements are known as bridges and are fixed permanently with cements. These artificial teeth can be cleaned and brushed like your natural teeth. Bridges are the next best option (after implants) for replacing missing tooth/teeth and help restore your smile, and chewing abilities.

Bridges can also made with implants on either sides and are a stronger option to traditional bridges.