Laser Dentistry

Laser is a beam of light energy used for numerous procedures in modern dentistry. This beam of light has several beneficial effects on the tissue cells. Lasers have become widely popular in dentistry as they require little or no anaesthesia during treatment, are pain-free, and blood-less. Laser treatments are also associated with faster healing and recovery, compared to regular surgical treatments. Cosmetic procedures ranging from gum depigmentation (making gums pink), frenectomy (removal of tissues pulling the gums away from upper and lower front teeth), tongue-tie, crown lengthening (when clinical short crowns), uneven gum heights, removal of gum tissue overlapping partially erupted tooth (operculectomy) and removal of overlying gum tissue in young patients are some of the other procedures which can be successfully carried out with Lasers.

Our team at SmileVel dental clinic is experienced in Laser dentistry and ensure safe, effective and quick dental procedures.